Our story begins many years ago, when sweets were handmade with love because that was the only way it could be done. Inspiration for our sweet treats comes from our mother and grandmother, respectively. The first Maria, Maria Augustina was born in a small country town in Cuba. Traditionally sweets and other dishes were made with seasonal items grown on their farm. Maria Augustina passed down her love of handmade desserts to her daughter, Ileana Maria. 

Many years later after Ileana and Tony were married and enjoying suburban life, Tony inherited the family farm he grew up on in Howell, Michigan. An 80 acre fruit farm, rooted just as deeply in the traditions of handmaking goods as Ileana's family had been. The wide open spaces and tree lined dirt roads inspired our family to continue the traditions of the past and adopt them as our own. Ileana shared her family recipes with her niece, Maria Alejandra, the last Maria. Together we take pride in taking our time and making our desserts from scratch using seasonal items, just like Maria Augustina did.